IslandgurlVSocean (supergolden2u) wrote in paper_mache,

huge flower pinata...

Ok, so I cheated and used mostly cardboard and masking tape, but the middle was paper mache. I made a huge pinata that turned out really well! I made it for a little girls' bday party at church, and I just cut the petals out of cardboard and taped them to the paper mached balloon. I made the petals thick by using two petals and connected them with a strip of cardboard. Does that make sense? It took about 4 hrs total. I used 3 whole rolls of masking tape, and didn't have time to do the entire flower in paper mache because it was a last minute sort of thing, but it looked really great after it was painted. But I remembered reading somewhere that you should always paint cardboard white before adding any color so that color will show up better. I painted the petals purple and the middle part orange. I made it so strong that the kids couldn't bust it apart with the plastic bat, but they had fun trying!:P
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