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Memento Mori

I know these are quite boring but I figured I should post some of the papier-mache I have been doing lately. When I need something around the house and can't afford it, I make it out of papier-mache. Here are a couple of things I have been finishing up lately.

Under the bed storage box

Breakfast Tray (It can also be used as a sitting desk when turned over)

I am also making a paper towel holder, and a safe book. I will take pictures of both when I am done. They really don't photograph well right now. ;)

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You have good ideas. I was thinking of making under-bed storage boxes using paper mache also. The breakfast tray table is clever.
Why thank you. I like the breakfast tray a lot. It gets a lot of use.
I like the items also! What is on the storage box? Paint stamps or?
What type of stuff did you use to make them? Just newspaper, cardboard, paint and tape?
What is on the storage box is just paint. I cut up a sponge to make the stamp since I am a poor girl and had use what was around the house. Nothing fancy.

I cut pieces of cardboard and put them together with masking tape until I got a box shape I wanted. I then used a layer of newspaper and a layer of brown paper bag (to give it strength) put on with wallpaper paste. Just paint and ta da it is done. I recommend putting the paper strips on with a brush that is dipped in paste and then stroked over the paper. It is much easier and less messy that way I found.

I am so glad you liked the items! <3
how durable is paper mache?
Depends what you want to do with it. I mean it isn't durable enough to wash in a bathtub of water, but it is fine for day to day use.