Anni[hilat]e[d] (wingles) wrote in paper_mache,

Glue questions.


I'm new to the community, and not very experienced with papier mache. I've had some trouble with glue before, so I thought I's ask here. What sort of glue do you mostly use when layering with paper? I'm planning on covering a cardboardbox with book pages to make it a nicer-looking paper basket. I could just dilute water soluble glue with water, but I would need quite a lot of it. Also a problem I've had with that glue is that it dries too fast and won't stick to the surface properly. Would adding flour paste make it dry slower?
Where do you buy your varnish from, by the way? Do you recommend using decoupage varnish? What is that consistent of, anyway? I have something called boat varnish, that's thick, but very smelly. I suppose that could be eliminated by painting the paper with the glue solution first, and letting one layer of varnish dry well before adding the next one.
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