_scarlet_ibis_ (_scarlet_ibis_) wrote in paper_mache,

5 Year Old

My daughter, who is 5, wants to do a papier mache project. I'm an artist, but I mostly work with pencils and inks, so I'm not too familiar with papier mache as a medium... So I need advice.

What do you think would be a good project for a beginner? Something that will turn out nice but isn't too hard to make? Also, what's your favorite recipe for papier mache? I can't seem to find any of the premade stuff in any of the craft stores around here.

I am considering doing a project that involves a balloon. Something sturdy... maybe a bird with a fat balloon body and a short neck, so that it doesn't break off. I could use wires for feet. Does that sound like a good first project for a preschooler?

I'm nervous about starting a project that might be too much for her to handle.
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