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A Project I'm contemplating

So I was wondering if folks could give me a few pointer on Paper Mache.

I've been kicking around an idea for the last year or so, of building a large "undead-Dragon" for a local LARP i play in.

I've been imagining something like a T-Rex skull thaat would fit over the head  & Shoulders of one person, and building out a large body of the Dragon similar to one of the Chinese Dragons you see out for thier New Years festivals.  But with Bones and such vs. the sparkeldies & glitter.

I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on making a large item like this?

The Plan was to have a sort of harness that would strap to the wearers chest/shoulders to distribute the weight. I was thinking something like the rack from a backpack, with the pipes extended over the wearers head.  The Frame of the Skull would be attached to that.

I'd thought, I'd make a basic Frame that went from front to back, basically shaping the centerlines along the 3 major Axis. Then work Chicken wire over that w/ the appropriate cutouts and such for the skull.

one of the things that I'm wondering about is how to paint it to get that nice "old bone" color.

And does anyone have any tips on making it smooth?
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